urTalker Lite

Create & Customize

Create and customize catagories and words. Set day/time for use. Add color and audio for easy identification and use.

Categories / Activities

Easily scroll and navigate any number of categories each containing relevant communication icons.

Words & Icons

Scroll through any number of icons, please to play sound or word.

Build Sentences

Use the plus sign to combine words and then press play to hear the words assembled into a sentence

I can create activities and images that work for our communications needs now, and grow with us.

urTalker Lite Features

  • Preloaded Images – Over 140 widely used icons
  • Sound – Ability to record your own sounds
  • Create – Ability to create images & categories as needed
  • Schedule – Set times to hide/show categores by day and time
  • Shake Reset – Engage accelerometer and a shake will take it home
  • Sentences – Build and sequence words and icons for playback

Press Play & Take a Tour of urTalker Lite!