urTalker Lite vs urTalker Pro

urTalker Lite versus urTalker Pro

We get asked this question a lot from people looking to purchase the product and it is a great question.  Both products are very similar and in fact have a lot of great functionality.  Both apps support the ability to create new categories, add new pictures/words, record new sound, schedule when a category is available and be able to build sentences or sequences of words or phrases.  The largest difference is the ability to display more than one category or one word/image at a time.  urTalker Lite was initially designed for the iPhone/iPod Touch and to maximize the real estate only supports the single view.  urTalker Pro on the other hand supports not only multiple images/pictures at a time you can change the setting in multiple places so the app makes sense for what you are communicating.

Here are the two scenario for display available with urTalker Lite: (category view left and image view right)

Below are just some of the display options for urTalker Pro these options apply to categories and images:



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