urTalker App Free for Autism Awareness

urTalker Apps Free for Limited Time

The founders of urTalker are happy to make urTalker Lite and urTalker Pro free for a limited time during Autism Awareness month.  The apps will be free for one week and the start and end time may vary on country and time zone. These communication apps are designed to assist with or enable speech for individuals with speech and communication disabilities.

We hope you or someone close to you can benefit from these apps and this limited offer.

-Founders of urTalker

  1. Thank you so much!!

  2. Hi. I’m interested in the Communication app. I have an autstic son who has a Speech Delay. He is very interested in Computer this is why we bought an iPad two months ago. We are Looking for Apps that help ihm to Communicate.
    Please let me know if the offer of an Free app still exists.

    Greetings From Germany
    Kirsten Föllmann

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