Stroke App

Stroke iPad UseA Stroke is a terrible event that occurs when blood flow to a part of the brain stops.  There are varying degrees of severity for Stroke victims and a good percentage of those victims lose some ability to communicate.

As a family of a non-verbal child we were very familiar with communication apps and augmentative alternative communication devices (AAC) but had never considered the similar impact for Stroke victims until a family friend had a severe stroke.  While it was a severe stroke, this victim managed to survive the initial attack but lost the ability to communicate even the most basic needs such as what she wanted to eat.  Mentally the response was there but the words either wouldn’t come out or would not come out correctly.

Upon hearing of this challenge we immediately recommended the iPad and urTalker Pro as a way to give this women the ability to communicate again.  It started slowly with just “yes” and “no” responses and then evolved into full grids of various foods and common activities that she enjoyed.

Surprisingly, the most important thing for this Stroke victim was being able to properly communicate what food she wanted to eat.  The family created a food category for her with her favorite foods empowering her with the ability to simply click the item she was looking for.

urTalker is designed so you can create any category you want then add pictures of relevant items to communicate.  You can simply take a picture with the iPad camera or use a picture from the device or google images.  It is a terribly event to have a Stroke such that an individual loses the ability to properly communicate.  urTalker is designed to assist with the basic communication and therapy for helping that individual regain independence.

If you have any questions related to Stroke communication apps or would like more ideas on how urTalker was used please contact us anytime.