Autism App

Nolan using urTalker Pro


The founders of urTalker created communication apps for their son Nolan (pictured left).  Nolan was born 3 months premature and has several developmental disabilities.  Due to his severe Autism and conditions, Nolan has not spoken for 11yrs and counting.  Though Nolan is unable to speak, he has always found a way to communicate.  Whether it was pulling someone around or finding a picture of something relevant.

Having Autism doesn’t mean you are less capable or incapable of anything.  It just means you learn and respond differently than others.  As Nolan’s parents learned to work with his Autism they also learned how he communicated.  One day watching Nolan use an iPhone they realized he could use this simple touch device as a communication device.

While Nolan has used a number of communication devices to assist him with communicating, nothing was easy enough to setup and change as needed.  That was the genesis of urTalker Lite and eventually urTalker Pro.  urTalker provides a simple communication app that can be configured for how that individual learns.  If it is simple one image click and talk, or complex 16 grid sentence building, urTalker can support it.

If you have or know someone that is Autistic and has a communication disability please feel free to contact us about urTalker or for any ideas that can assist you in helping them have a voice.