Individual AAC Apps

urTalker is all about enabling individuals with a voice.

Our applications are designed to help individuals with communication disabilities have a voice. Our communication apps are designed to become a portable communication device that is fully customized to that individual.  Whether it is a child or an adult our apps are designed for simple to complex communication and easy to configure. While every urTalker communication app comes with default categories and images, every app provides the ability to create any number or additional categories, load any type of image and most importantly record your voice for use with those images and words.

Our Purpose- urTalker was developed by the founders to help their non-verbal autistic child, have a voice. Many non-verbal, autistic and special needs individuals have the ability to learn and use assistive technology, but the price for specific devices can be prohibitive. urTalker was developed to be affordable .


Our Future- this is just the beginning. We are open to feedback and will continue to update and improve our apps for your benefit or the benefit of your loved one. Please feel free to contact us or contribute to the product so we continue to provide the best communication solution possible.

Educational Communication Apps

Our applications are not just for personal use, but also for educational use.

Providing a voice is only one aspect of a communication device. Allowing for education and evaluation for individual education plans is what our institutional apps provide.

We are working with students, parents, educators and administrators for each installation. If you are interested or want to learn more please contact us.