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urTalker Lite vs urTalker Pro


urTalker Lite versus urTalker Pro We get asked this question a lot from people looking to purchase the product and it is a great question.  Both products are very similar and in fact have a lot of great functionality.  Both apps support the ability to create new categories, add new pictures/words, record new sound, schedule when a category is available and be able to build sentences or sequences of words or phrases.  The largest difference is the ability to display

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App for adding pictures with sound


 An App for That App for adding your own pictures and recording your own sound for click and playback was exactly what we were looking for a few years back and didn’t have great success finding one that was easy to use and configure for all different uses.  The next thing you know we built urTalker Lite and urTalker Pro to accomplish that and some, but when it comes to providing an easy way to take a picture with your

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