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App helps nonverbal users communicate

urTalker Pro App

App helps nonverbal users communicate  Houston Chronicle – Allison Ward – 8/16/2012 (click here for article) “Nolan, can you say ‘Hi?’ Say hi please, Nolan. For Mommy? Can you say ‘Hi?’ ” Nolan Farris, 11, pointed to an icon on his iPad. A voice came from the device: “I love you.” His mother, Jody Farris, tried again. “Thank you,” she said. “I love you, too. Can you say ‘Hi?’ ” Eventually, Nolan put his finger on another icon. The iPad spoke: “Hi.” Jody was elated:

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Our Journey


As the founders of urTalker, we are passionate about communication technology because we live it. Our son Nolan, was born 3 months premature and spent his first year in the NICU of various hospitals. When Nolan came home after that first year, he still had a g-tube for feeding, had a tracheotomy to support his breathing,legally blind from ROP, and not mobile due to his premature birth. Thanks to some great early childhood intervention, Nolan had his trach removed at

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