App for adding pictures with sound

urTalker Camera An App for That

App for adding your own pictures and recording your own sound for click and playback was exactly what we were looking for a few years back and didn’t have great success finding one that was easy to use and configure for all different uses.  The next thing you know we built urTalker Lite and urTalker Pro to accomplish that and some, but when it comes to providing an easy way to take a picture with your iPhone,iPod, or iPad then record a sound urTalker has it covered.

Step 1

This app is designed to allow a user to create as many new words/images as they like thought the admin screen.

In the admin section you simple click add word, type in the name, and then select how you want the priority of that word to appear. (it works alphabetical if you do nothing, but this will override it if needed).

Step 2a

The next step give you the option of using an image that is already in your library or taking a new photo with the devices camera.  The library image is great when you are using google images that you have downloaded already or have past images in your library.

If it is a new photo that you want to take you simply click the “take a new photo” button and it will launch the camera feature.

Step 2b

Once you select the take photo option you will be able to see what is in the camera view, click to take the picture and then be able to re-size and position the image so it fits properly in the app.

This is great for zooming in on a particular picture and makes it fast to add or change images in the app.

Step 3

The third step is to add your audio to the picture you just took.  The app will let you use audio fro your itunes library (you can use full length songs if you like) or to simply record a new sound.

When you click record a new sound it has a start and stop button and the ability to preview your sound to make sure it was exactly what you wanted.

Step 4

The fourth and final step of adding your own picture and audio is what category you want that new word to appear in.  You can use an existing category if there is one that works, or simply create a new one for this item.

That’s it, it is that simple.

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