urTalker Lite – $6.99

Assistive Technology app that can be fully customized to include any image and voice audio for iPad, iPhone and iTouch communication needs

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urTalker Pro – $24.99

Assitive Technology app with communication board grids for AAC device use. 1,2,4,6,9,12,16 format grids fully customizable for voice audio and images

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I was able to create a bedtime category with pictures of his bed and bath in minutes. Great option for a digital Picture Exchange Communication System

iPad Communicaiton Apps - iPhone Communication Apps - iTouch Communication Apps

iPhone Communication Apps

Portable AAC communication device for the iTouch and iPhone
This simple assistive technology communication App works on any portable Apple product including the iTouch allowing for very mobile communication.
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iPad Communication Apps

Portable AAC communication device for the iTouch and iPhone
Leverage assistive technology on the big screen using urTalker for an iPad. The ability to easily view, scroll, play, add record is all standard functionality on the urTalker iPad app.
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urTalker Apps

Great Features
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Augmentative Alternative Communication App- Portable AAC

urTalker is a very affordable augmentative alternative communication device (aac)that works on iTouch,iPad,and iPhone devices. urTalker and urTalker Pro provide the disability community aac device options to expensive devices and allow anyone to configure the product any way they need. urTalker and urTalker Pro come with over 200 images pre-loaded and the ability to add as many as needed. urTalker is a great assistive technology device for children and adults with speech issues included Autism, CP or cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and other developmental disabilities

Therapist and educators have found a number of unique and beneficial ways to leverage the power of urTalker.

Autism Spectrum

Assistive technology for autism - urTalker was designed to help with neural disabilities to facilate communication and social interaction
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Cerebral Palsy (CP)

urTalker Alternative communication device provides adaptive technology for individuals with limited movement or vision impairments.
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Intellectual Disabilities

urTalker can assist individuals with intellectual deficits and various learning disability to assist with communication.
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ALS & Other Conditions

urTalker supports Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis,Lou Gehrig's disease, allowing for communicatin with weak or limited motor control.
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